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What made you say yes to your dress?

I remember the day I went to try on wedding dresses with my friend Courtney, on our drive to the Gold Coast from Brisbane we were talking about how strange we thought it was when you watch a movie and the bride tries on her wedding dress and cry’s, I just could not see myself doing this and honestly thought it was something you only see in movies.

I had been to one other shop before walking into Pearl Bridal and I had tried on a few dresses but I didn’t really like any of them. We then went to Pearl Bridal and I tried on a dress I had picked out from the website; I did really love that dress on me but I was open to trying on other dresses that the lovely ladies in the store picked out for me.

The ladies handed me the Tammy Gown which had just arrived, I thought it was absolutely beautiful but I didn’t really think I could wear a dress like that, I just didn’t think it would suit me. I tried the dress on and I walked out to see my friend. The ladies put a veil on me and as soon as I looked at myself in the mirror I started to cry, I looked at my friend and she also started to cry. We quickly began laughing as we had only just said how strange we thought it was for someone to cry when trying wedding dresses on.

I can’t really explain why I cried, but I just knew that the Tammy Gown was going to be my wedding dress. I loved the way it made me feel and I believe that is the most important thing when choosing a wedding dress, you really have to love the way you feel in the dress no matter what anyone else thinks.

Describe your wedding day look

I would describe my wedding day look as Elegance with a touch of glam.

jasmine & adam

Describe your wedding venue/style?

Our wedding ceremony was held at a Catholic Church in Brisbane on a hill overlooking the city, our reception was to be held at the Emporium Hotel at Southbank in the main ball room. The styling we had chosen was quite classical with lots of white flowers, greenery and candles, we had chosen tiffany gold chairs and white linen.

As lockdown was announced at 10:00am for 4:00pm, our wedding reception could no longer go ahead, we had all of our flowers delivered to the church along with our wedding cake and bonbonnieres which were pearl with gold foil macaroons. Our beautiful friends quickly arranged champagne and platters for all of our guests to enjoy after the ceremony on the church lawn. We cut our wedding cake and did our first dance with a portable speaker out on the grass. We shared lots of laughs and cuddles with all of our guests and it really was so special.

Despite the announcement and short notice, our wedding venue turned out to be more beautiful and perfect then I could have ever imagined.

What was the most stressful part to wedding planning?

Adam and I got engaged on Christmas eve in December 2019, our original wedding date was 10 months after this in October 2020 however due to covid and the restrictions in place at that time we decided to postpone the wedding a further 9 months to July 2021. We thought by then everything would be back to normal and we would be able to have the wedding we had always envisioned.

Covid for me was definitely the most stressful part of the wedding planning, anytime we thought we were in the clear something would happen and tighter restrictions were bought back in place. We quickly realized that there was going to be absolutely no certainty to how things would work out and it was completely out of our control, there was nothing we could do.

Once we decided to postpone our wedding date the first time, we said to each other no matter what happens next time our new wedding date was going to be the day we got married. We would watch the news each week with anticipation and we were always thinking of different options for each different scenario, this in itself also got quite exhausting and stressful. I felt at times I couldn’t allow myself to get too excited as covid was always on the back of my mind.

jasmine & adam jasmine & adam

What was the most important aspect of your wedding day?

For me the most important aspect of our wedding day was always going to be the ceremony itself and saying our vows.

Adam and I were married in a Catholic Church and traditionally you don’t normally say your own vows. We invited the priest over for dinner with both sets of our parents prior to our wedding day so we could all get to know him on a more personal level, we also saw this as an opportunity to ask if we could say our own vows, our priest was amazing and happily agreed.

To me the moment where you both say your vows and promise yourself to each other for the rest of your life is what a wedding is all about, it is a moment where it is purely about you and your partner, no one else.


jasmine & adam

The funniest moment on the day was…

The funniest moment of our wedding day was our wedding dance, Adam and I like to think we are great dancers but to be truly honest we aren’t very good at all.

We decided we would ask Adams mum, Debbie (who had run a ballet and dance school) to choreograph and teach us a simple bridal dance, nothing overly fancy. We spent a few weeks learning and practicing the dance and by the end of our lessons we were both pretty proud of ourselves.

Due to the day’s events, we improvised with a portable speaker on the church lawn. All of our guests stood around us in a big circle, there was so much excitement and cheering Adam and I missed our que and we started dancing a fair few beats behind what we had spent so much time practicing. From the start of the song we were both completely out of time, we both kept looking at Adam’s mum hoping she would prompt us with what we were meant to be doing.

We were completely out of time, laughing and tripping on my wedding dress but despite everything, it was not only one of the funniest moments of the day, it was also one of the best moments.

Any advice on choosing the right gown for your wedding day

My advice for choosing the right gown for your wedding day is to try on multiple dresses and styles even if you didn’t see yourself in a particular style, I recommend being open to try something different.

I also found it nice only bringing one friend with me on the day as having multiple different opinions could alter your decision, at the end of the day you should feel beautiful in the dress and you should feel comfortable.

You are the one wearing the dress, no one else so make sure you love it and don’t worry about what other people think.

jasmine & adam